Hello World

Published on Aug 1, 2019

So you've probably read posts like this before. A declaration that someone is "starting to blog" and is going to be posting content blah blah blah. Well... this is no different. The last time I had a dev journal (or blog) was back in 2009 when I was working as a Flash Developer and deep diving in the world of ActionScript 3.

I used to post things as I was learning, new techniques or ways of doing something, not that what I was doing was so interesting or cutting edge that it need to be shared, it was more a way for me to cement my knowledge by trying to formulate a post and giving me something to look back on and see where I came and how far along I was. If anyone along the way got any benefit that was a great side effect but it wasn't the main focus.

So why am I starting a journal again? Partly because I wanted to write about my recent experience building single page applications using Vue, Vue Router and Vuex backed by a Laravel API. Another reason is that I am thinking about making a switch in focus and diving into the world of Swift and iOS. I'm about a couple months into it now and I haven't been this excited about new tech in a long time.

If there is anything within the Laravel and Vue.js world you'd be interested in reading about let me know.